The following are appointed officials of the AEA Committee 2019:


President - Major General Hockenhull (Late Int Corps)

Chairman -Brigadier Stockley (Late RE) 

Secretary - Major Rush, RAMC

Treasurer - Major Chambers, HCMR

Chief d'Equipe- Maj Gregory, RADC

Media/Governance - Capt Haley, Int Corp

Endurance Rep - Major Shelly Bates , AGC

AE Scotland - CSgt Keiran Forsyth, 7 Scots

The AEA AGM is usually held in October and has been followed since 2016 with an Awards Dinner at which our very best and most hard working riders and Military Equestrian Facilities are honoured for their achievements throughout the year. 

2019 - Awards

2018 -Awards and Dinner postponed due to military commitments

2017 Awards

  • Saddle Club which has contributed the Most the Army Equitation - Defence Animal Centre                     (Sponsored by Field and Stable Ltd)

  • Most improved Mounted Sports Club - Royal Artillery Equestrian Team (Foster for Infantry)

  • Most improved Grassroots Rider - WO2 Steven Ross MC, Grenadier Guards                                                       (Sponsored by Voltaire Design UK and My Horse Box)

  • Most Improved Army Team Rider - Bdr Christine Farren, Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery                         (Sponsored by Voltaire Design UK and My Horse Box)

  • Award for Most Valuable Contribution to Army Equitation - Major Rebecca Darke, RLC                              (Sponsored by Mrs Betsy Novotny, Arbonne, Voltaire Design UK)

2016 Awards

  • Best Army Saddle Club - Royal Artillery Saddle Club , Larkhill

  • Best Mounted Sports Club - Army Medical Services

  • Best Grass Roots Rider - Sgt Sabrina Matthews (AGC)

  • Best Army Development Squad Rider - Joint: Cpl Elaine Daisley (RAMC) and Pte Jay Mackerill (RAMC)

  • Award for Most Valuable Contribution to Army Equitation - Colonel Dickie Winchester ( RA)

If you wish to contact the committee please contact us through




The members of the AEA Executive Committee are; Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, BA(G) MSB, Div/District & Overseas Command Reps, RA Saddle Clubs Rep, Defence Animal Centre Rep, HCMR Rep, King’s Tp Rep, Army Point to Point Rep, Secretary Army Polo Association and up to two co-opted members. 


The Executive Committee is to report annually to its members on the management of the affairs of the Association, together with a statement of accounts. The report should include the detailed aspirations and goals of the Association, the requirements to meet those aspirations and how to achieve it.


The Executive Committee meets once a year (generally in June/July at the Royal Tournament Mounted Event) and is authorised by the Army Sport Control Board to:


  • Exercise control and development of equestrian sport in the Army in accordance with the strictest (amateur) principles, monitoring those areas and individuals where professional interests are involved.

  • Administer AEA funds for the benefit of Army equitation.

  • Organise representative Army teams to compete against the other two Services, the universities and the leading civilian clubs so that equestrian minded soldiers have a standard at which to aim.