Army Medical Services

The Army Medical Services Equestrian Association (AMSEA) aims to provide AMS personnel interested in equitation with an opportunity to become involved in equestrian activities and represent the AMS, both as individual and team members at military and civilian events. The number of AMS personnel involved in equitation is expanding for not only those who own horses but especially the numbers of novice riders who have shown an interest. We are keen for this number to continue to expand.


The AMSEA strives to actively engage all levels and abilities including;


  • Complete Beginners

  • Novice riders who have had some experience in riding

  • Experienced riders

  • Non-horse owning riders

  • Riders who currently own their own horses and would be available for team selection


The aim of the AMSEA is to encourage personnel who have an interest in equitation to continue to develop their mounted and stable management skills and provide an opportunity to become a part of the AMSEA team. 


The AMSEA does have a small amount of funding from the Army Medical Services Sports Union in order to promote Equitation through all abilities and ranks throughout the AMS. This money can be used for training, competition entry fees and hiring of horses for all members. Please spread the word so we can make best use of this funding to get as many interested personnel involved in the AMSEA as possible.