ARAHT 2017


Well done to all riders who took part in this years ARAHT at Larkhill. The Royal Artillery Equestrian Team took home a large haul of silverware thanks to the hard work and dedication of many but in particular SSgt Pagan-Skelley and LBdr Benney have excelled in a recent run of finding good horses, bringing on the youngsters and finding time to train the rest of the team.
With thanks to Sgt Pagan-Skelly fro the following report and photos.
* Fun facts - 8 riders (all placed), 9 horses (7 provided by RASC Larkhill) and 5 riders from 14 Regt RA.
1st SSgt Pagan-Skelley (Blue)
2nd SSgtPagan-Skelley (Danger Mouse)
4th Lt Col Ingleton (Billy)
1st Bdr Bramble (Lily)
4th LBdr Benney (Quattro Blanco)
5th LBdr Benney (Elphie)
6th Maj Deakin-Main (Red Storm)
2nd WO2 Bexon (Suspicious Mind)
Military Team
1st RAET
1st LBdr Benney and Gnr Taubman
2nd Lt Col Ingleton and Bdr Bramble
4th Maj Deakin-Main and LBdr Gallagher

Also out in force was the Royal Logistic CorpsMounted Sports team and again thanks to Cpt Mawbey for the following:
Yesterday, 3 riders with 4 horses took part in ARAHT at Larkhill! Capt Mawbey was place 7th on her own horse Prince, with Capt Lambert having a steady clear on her new horse Fergus in a strong class with Pte Hall having a beautiful clear on her new horse Remo and an unlucky stop on Naples. All in all a fab day and a positive further forming for the new horses.

ARAHT 2016

ARAHT has passed for another year and pleased to say without the need for vet Jeremy Naylor to do more than watch the course and drink his tea! 

Fab day for all, seeing the Kings Troop take home most of the winnings including triumphantly in winning back the Dewars Trophy, first military rider over the Intermediate track, from the Intelligence Corps. 

Cpl K Carruthers had a very enjoyable day taking her young horse Brain (To be Fair) around with ADS Rider, Cpl G Bell, riding Jill Carenza's Dakar, the pair coming in a very respectable 9th place in the Pairs.

Cpl S Slater had two rides today, her own indefatigable, Bugsey and ex-military working horse Erin owned by Michela Greaves.

OCdt E Cooper and Capt E Spilsbury stormed home in 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Open class for the Army Reserves Team riding horses from Jill Carenza's yard.

The RLC also fielded a team in the shape of Capt G Kemp on Prince, Pte K Hobson and Ballo and Sgt S Matthews and Shambally Rosebud.

Full results to follow, thank you to all who came along to help and join in especially all our sponsors for ARAHT 2016:
The Pure Feed Company 
Westover Jaguar Land Rover
The Honourable Artillery Company
ElliottEQ Horse Transport
Marlborough Joinery
Wiltshire Tool Hire
Suzie Outen Human and Sports Therapy
Royal Artillery Centre for Personal Development

Col G Ingleton
Col G Ingleton and Maj  A Harvey
Cpl K Carruthers and Cpl G Bell
Cpl K Carruthers
Capt G Kemp
Cpl S Slater