Rider - Capt Rose Lambert (RLC)

Horse - Fergus

Captain Rose Lambert joined the British Army in 2009 and commissioned into the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) in May 2010. She starting riding at 3 years old on her first pony Trio and has progress in all spheres ever since.


Captain Lambert first started riding for the RLC in 2012 and gained a place on the Army Development Squad in 2015 & 2016. Her long term ride, Tyssul happily retired to pastures in summer 2017 and she bought a new addition to the team, Norton Harvestman (Fergus).


Since then she has worked hard to develop their partnership and in January 2018 was delighted to be selected for the Army Team. Captain Lambert hopes to compete in British Showjumping Newcomers and British Eventing 100 in 2018. She is also keen to compete in Novice Dressage throughout the year and hopes to be selected for the Army Dressage Squad. 

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