Rider - CoH Glass (HCMR)

Horse - Mable (DAC MWH)


CoH Glass joined the Army on July 2nd2007. After completion of his phase two training Anthony became a mounted duty man for the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR). CoH Glass grew up in Somerset and comes from a farming background. He started riding ponies at around 4 yrs and spent most of his late teens onwards hunting.

He then completed the Khaki riding course in Windsor and the Kit ride in London passing out to become a mounted duty man of the HCMR. Over the next couple of years he rode on a number of parades and fulfilled his duty role in Queen’s Life Guard (QLG). He was a member of the Musical Ride where he performed across the UK in addition to Abu Dhabi, Oman and Zurich.

CoH Glass passed his Advanced Military Equitation Course (AMEC) in April 2010 and became a riding instructor on the riding staff in May that same year. He then worked in Windsor teaching the new soldiers of the Household Cavalry on their 12 week riding course, the Khaki ride. When not dealing with the new recruits, he was backing and training young Cavalry blacks for ceremonial duty.

CoH Glass was posted to the DAC April 2014 and is now continuing to teach the soldiers on the Regimental Riding Instructors (RRI) course who come from both the HCMR and the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery (KTRHA). He has been competing one of the DAC’s horses, Mable, for the past 2 years. He took Mable on as a 7 year old after she was used on the first RRI course as a half train. During their short partnership they have competed at the Royal Windsor, the Royal Tournament and a number of civilian competitions including BS show jumping and BE 100. CoH Glass is hoping that by the time his posting finishes at the DAC he has got Mable upto a novice level.