Episkopi Saddle Club has been in existence at Happy Valley since the 1950's. Originally it was a Military Establishment simply known as "The Stables".  Polo was predominantly the main activity. 


In the mid 1990's the club became totally self supporting and self financing.  We have a wonderful small team of paid staff but rely heavily on membership to support the clubs finances.  The Saddle Club has three part time Grooms who feed and care for over 30 horses. We very much rely upon the riders to help out as much as possible with collecting and returning horses to their paddocks, grooming and tacking up etc. We are very lucky to have several qualified instructors working with us who can cater for all levels of ability so even if you have never sat on a horse we can help you progress to whatever level.  ESC tries to host as many shows and events a possible so that all abilities and ages are able to enter into competitions, whether it's Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country. There is a discipline for everyone. 


ESC holds the Island wide "All Island Horse Show" which attracts riders from all over Cyprus.  This event generally takes place once a year in February.  In August when the children are on holiday from school, ESC holds their annual Pony Camp which has been a huge success in past years.