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Queen's Plate Winning Team 2018.JPG

Queens Plate winning team RWHS 2018

The Royal Artillery Equestrian Team (RAET) was established in 2014 and is based at Larkhill. We welcome all serving members of the Royal Artillery, not currently serving with the Kings Troop RHA. Current members are rank ranged Gnr - Lt Col and based in all but three regular units; the number of reserve riders is growing annually.


We regularly compete in military showjumping, eventing and cross country competitions throughout the season (Mar - Oct). This year the team won the prestigious Queen's Plate at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, success at numerous events has also bolstered the trophy cabinet and received recognition from the RA Sports Board.


Members do not need their own horse to participate, although they are very welcome, as we are lucky enough to have a growing string of competition horses at the Royal Artillery Saddle Club (Larkhill).


Training events are run reguarlarly and there is the opportunity to take lessons, attend competitions or hack out on Salisbury Plain at the Saddle Club. Members are encouraged to ride out with the RA Hunt during the winter months.


If you are in the Royal Artillery and are keen to get involved, please contact the Secretary, Maj Fran Sykes, via email on


The Infantry are trying to grow a Mounted Sports Club, currently they are affiliated with the Royal Artillery, who conduct administration on their behalf.


At present, the infantry have one rider on the Army Development Squad and have a team entered in the Army Grassroots League.  All infanteers are invited to attend RAET training; lessons, training clinics and competitions at the RA Saddle Club (Larkhill) and have the option to hire RASC(L) competition horses.


If you are in the Infantry and are keen to get involved, please contact the Infantry POC, Capt Harry Swales, on and the RA Secretary, Maj Fran Sykes, on

Training at Larkhill.JPG
Bdr Bramble hails a cab on Harry, owned
SSgt Pagan-Skelley at the Army ODE.JPG
RAET Silverware 2018.JPG
Hacking on Salisbury Plain.jpg

Bdr Bramble hails a cab on Larkhill Club horse, Harry.

RAET Silverware 2018

Team training at Larkhill

Sgt Pagan-Skelly and Larkhill Club horse, Gadget, competing at Army ODE.

Hacking on Salisbury Plain