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RLC Mounted Sports Club


The aim of RLC Equestrian

  • To introduce and develop new riders at the Grassroots levels

  • To assist with the development of established riders across the equestrian disciplines

  • To represent the Corps at all military organised equestrian fixtures and events

The club seeks representation and success on the competitive military circuit whilst displaying the Corps ethos, demonstrating team work and challenging Service Personnel.

Our vision sees a maximum participation of both Regular and Reserve Service Personnel with even spread of participators across all abilities, all ranks and both genders. 



Chairman Lt Col Lucy Anderson MBE

Secretary and POC for all enquiries Maj Rose Lambert

The club participates in the following events: Eventing, Show Jumping, Polo and Tent Pegging


Eventing includes all of the general riding disciplines including Dressage,

Show-jumping and Cross-county

Discipline lead is Maj Nicky Cripps



Discipline lead is Capt James Wilson 

Tentpegging military ‘Skills at Arms’ on horseback with targets for revolver,

lance and sword

Discipline lead is Maj David Puckey


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LCpl Holly Hall and WKD San Remo at Olympia 

Capt Adam Betts, OC ETS presents Maj David Puckey with the prize for Best individual in LSR at the 2019 Royal Tournament.
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